An experimental theatre company excelling at pointed pointlessness

An experimental theatre company excelling at pointed pointlessness

We are a group of six artists from across the world who have come together to seek that which is most sought; pointed pointlessness.


With wholesome earnestness and fantastical thinking, ANTS bring to light important reflections from a pursuit of an unspoken utopia.

The theatre we create transforms spaces, advocates analogue and challenges audiences. We take that which may seem pointless and pursue it until it becomes poignant.


Much like ants, we work together as one to build worlds; merging fantasy and reality to bring people together and provoke autonomous thought.


We are based in London, but have roots across the world. We come from England, Scotland, China, South Korea and Catalonia.



We formed in 2020 during our collective MA/MFAs in Advanced Theatre Practice at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.


Our work is usually created through playing with ideas, prompts and provocations, patiently repeating them in order to find what wants to be said without actually saying it.

Lu Curtis

Lu is an award-winning producer, theatre-maker and facilitator with over 5 years’ experience in the arts, including Theatre-Rites, Theatre Royal Haymarket Masterclass Trust, English National Ballet, Crowded Room and Opera Holland Park. She has recently been nominated for the Future Theatre Fund as Director/Theatre Maker.


Paul is an award-winning rural theatre-maker from the West-highlands of Scotland with a taste for performance in non-theatre spaces. Past performance locations range from abandoned castles to railway station tearooms.


Eva is a Korean interdisciplinary artist made in Spain, raised in Brazil and Beijing. She studied at Royal Holloway before joining Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. She works as a designer and choreographer alongside theatre-making.


Qiu is a performer and theatre-maker from Nanjing, China. She worked as a performer for 5 years in China before receiving a postgraduate degree from RSCCD in Advanced Theatre Practice, as well as from UCL in Environmental Design and Engineering.


Diana is a mathematician and theatre-maker from Barcelona, Spain. She studied at Polytechnic University of Catalunya (UPC) and has worked as a programmer. With Ants on Stilts, she has combined her two passions; applying logic to theatre making.



Zhaolin is a theatre-maker and performer from China. Before working in theatre, he received a degree in medicine from Peking University, and uses his experience to explore the journey of who we are in this rapidly changing world.

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