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27 September, 7.30pm

SHOW TIME 20 minutes
LOCATION Omnibus Theatre
AGES any
gratefully supported by & PRESENTED AT
Omnibus Theatre


We cook to present who we are.

we cook to fight for the identities that we can't and won't change.


Using a pinch of ANTS-style clowning and a heaped tablespoon of earnestness, our international ensemble will bring to the stage dishes from Korea, China, Spain, Scotland and England!


From the interview to the table, Eat Me is based on a series of interviews, where ANT Eva H. Lee shared her own experience with fellow East and South-East Asian practitioners. As much as these interviews were cathartic - for those who share the background with the interviewee - and eye-opening - for those who do not share said background - to us, we felt that we needed to do more: we needed to share these stories with the rest of the world.

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